楽天 + Pinterest = Social Show Window 化とコマースの新しいカタチ。Rakuten+Pinterest: New style of online commerce is a "Social Show Window"

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楽天が出資?予想されるPinterestのこれから -熊坂仁美さん


Rakuten will invest social photo-sharing service,Pinterest values at 1.5B USD.


Rakuten will be a largest investor in this 120M USD round with their $50M invest.


I mentioned before about Pinterest as

Pinterestはユーザーがつくるショウウィンドウになってくるのではないか? Possibly Pinterest will become a social show windows genereted by its users.


It's easy to recognize why Rakuten will invest them. Social photo-sharing will become a new type of online commerce.

以下に紹介する、Fancyを見てもらえばわかりやすいのだが、店舗や制作者が自分たちで作った商品を、それこそ自分たちが思うような魅力的な写真をアップし、その写真から購入までつなげてしまうプラットフォーム(=つまり無店舗!ここは楽天にとって最大の思考チェンジ)が生まれてきているのであり、かつ、ユーザーたちはその写真をPinterest上のBoardにPin Upしていく(=ウィッシュリスト化)だけでなく、それらをつながっている人々にシェアしていくという、オーガニックな商品販促プラットフォームともなってきている。だから、ユーザーが作る”ソーシャルショウウィンドウ”というものになっていくだろう。

"Fancy", a social photo-sharing-like social commerce app realize that: Shops, Boutiques and designers can post photos of their crafts and goods and sell them users easily. Not needed that they have real or virtual store. What is necessary to sell their items is, only their photos. Interestingly, Rakuten's main revenue sources is "rent" for their virtual "tenants" and easy to imagine what will become issue if their tenants immigrate to emerging commerce platform in social sphere. It would become much critical issue for Rakuten's legacy commerce platform. Pinterest might become a "social show windows" which users generate without their intentions of "recommendation." It will become "organic" recommendation platform with photos of goods.

まさに、social platform時代、user-initiativeな時代における、Click&Mortar(クリックandモルタル) のプロトタイプか。

Marriage of "Rakunten + Piterest" will encourage emergence of next-generation "Click and Mortar" services in the era of social platform with user-initiatives.


As an examples of social photo-sharing app, see "Fancy". This app-based social commerce platform will be fascinating Photo-sharing users to buy items. This service is like integration of Path and Pinterest with commerce platform. This might be a "Rakuten's 2.0", focusing on "smartphone-based internet" world.

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ところで、4月の頭に San Francisco の ad:tech に行った際、

BTW, during my stay at SFC and Silicon Valley in Apr. for the ad:tech and some company visits, I heard from some sources that:

1)Pinterestは日本におけるパートナーを捜している。 Pinterest is interesting with JP market and looks for partner. * A source mentioned: one of biggest ads agency is a prospective there. 2)楽天はその時期大量に人を西海岸に送り込んでいた。 I found many Rakuten' guys in SFC. * A source mentioned: tens of people visit SFC and SV.

ということがあったんだけれど、この伏線だったのかー。 No wonder what happened there.

とはいえ、まだまだいくつかありそうですけどね、ごにょ。国外だけとは限らず。 Obviously this is first move of Rakuten's socialization. Things will happen not only in the US also in Asia and Japan. Guess what will happen next?


おまけ)All Things Digital によると、

One the richest men in Japan, Mikitani is one of the best known entrepreneurs in Japan and he’s been described as “Richard Branson meets Michael Dell.”