Media Extensionという言葉の真意を正しく言うなら、Media Juggling と名づけたい

テレビ&スマホ 2画面視聴時代、マーケッターはマインドセットを改めよ - ライブドアニュース.


I still feel weird the new jargon, "Media Extension," coined by Hakuhodo.

I totally agree that users are not consuming one single media in their information behavior and I, as a user, audience and consumer, utilize two or more medias at the same instant - the media consumption of my daily life.

From my opinion, it can be called "extension of media consumption" or "extension of information behavior" and "Media Extension" seems to imply the extension of media - one single media enable people to extend their experience.

What they mean with the term,"Media Extension," should be replaced to another word. My suggestion is, "Media Juggling."

photo credit: what's wrong? via photopin (license)