■ SMS Sugar Man

南アフリカ人監督 Aryan Kaganof が無謀ともいえる試みに挑戦。


The film is not only actually shot on cell phone cameras, in itself a revolutionary breakthrough, but the cell phone plays a vital role in driving the film's narrative - in effect functioning as a dramatic character.


All the lead actresses carry a cell phone and constantly film each other. Thus the traditional cinematic practice of having a "cast" who are invisibly filmed by a "crew" of technicians - is radically subverted.


This conceptual leap mirrors the tremendous empowering effect that cell phone technology has had on our every day lives.


The plot of the film is entirely driven around the potential that cell phones have to enable us explore new forms of communication and new ways of representing ourselves. The consequences of these innovations are hardly studied as yet, and SMS SUGAR MAN makes a contribution to our understanding of how significant cell phone technology has been on our evolutionary social development.


Cell phone media have become so much part of our daily living that it would be impossible to conceive of an urban environment without them. SMS SUGAR MAN is a prescient glimpse into the near future when all our most basic relations with each other are informed by cell phone use, including sexuality and spirituality.

ケータイはわれわれの生活にとって不可欠なものとなった。近い将来、ケータイによってどのように基本的な人間関係が形作られるのか? を垣間見ることができるような映画として作られている。